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A Pelican Martini tickles the taste buds as the sun tinges the horizon with red. And if the evening sea breeze is a bit chilly, you can move a bit closer to the toasty fire in the fireplace in the centre of the room. Evenings at The Leading Hotels of The World in Tuscany begin with a Pelican Martini, the bar’s emblematic cocktail, with its touches of citrus, Grey Goose Orange vodka, lime juice and tangerine liqueur, accompanied by finger foods.
 But Federico Morosi, Il Pellicano’s bartender, encourages guests to try a new drink every evening. 

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For him, every bottle in the bar is like a book to be perused, and on his shelves, he displays niche liqueurs made by small producers, as well as bottles from special reserves. Guests enjoy settling into one of the bar’s sofas with a good book and a glass of wine or a cup of tea if the air is cool. Later, guests return after dinner to listen to music and make plans for the following day with friends.
The Relais in Tuscany has an outdoor bar, an area with wooden chairs and coffee tables where drinks are served any time of the day or night: a mid-morning coffee, a cool glass of wine before lunch, fresh fruit juice mid-afternoon and cocktails in the evening. This year, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Antica Farmacia Santa Maria Novella in Florence, SMN liqueurs can be sampled in their original formula or in a cocktail version, created by our bartender especially for the occasion. Try the Quattrocento, a sugar cube soaked in alchermes liqueur and SMN rose elixir, prosecco and rose petal. The luxury hotel’s bar offers products made by Italian craftsmen, as well as champagne, Scotch whiskeys and rums of special vintages. Lovers of classic cocktails, from the Negroni to the Manhattan, will want to try Federico’s version. Like Patsy’s Spritzer, softened with orange liqueur, forest berries, exceptional prosecco, plus two red grapes and orange zest.

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