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People are at the core of our company’s strategy for growth.
For this reason Pellicano Hotels Group, represented by Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia, is very attentive to the professional development and the personal motivation of its employees.
Our team distinguishes itself for the strong sense of belonging, passion, integrity and a deep emotional intelligence toward our guests, colleagues, suppliers. Our team operates to achieve continued improvement every day, it leads in innovating within the hospitality sector and always keeps a fresh attitude towards the new and creating incremental value for our organisation.
The personal growth of our people is guided by a structured methodology of measuring success, plan career development and living through our company’s spirit that lets us:

• define and support the development of individual competences;
• develop personal growth plans for the individual;
• listen to our employees and their ideas;
• evolve our company’s spirit to improve it every day.

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